Curriculum Overview

A Commitment to Excellence

Expansion of scientific education with a unique of blend of innovative ideas along with oriented curriculum. The university promotes academic excellences, personal responsibility and commitment to service. We strive citizens with knowledge, character leading to national development and social transformation.

Faculty Computer Science

We have high equipment to practice Computer Science Students

Faculty Of Health Science

With health science faculties we have have different tools of laboratories to practice health science students

Faculty Of Education

Faculty of education has different departments such as :
i) Bachelor of Science in Education (Biology)
ii)Bachelor of Science in Education (Chemistry)
iii) Bachelor of Science in Education (Mathematics)
iv)Bachelor of Science in Education (Physics)
v)Bachelor of Arts in Education (Geography)
vi)Bachelor of Arts in Education (English Literature)
vii) Bachelor of Arts in Education (History)
viii) Diploma in Education (Biology/Chemistry Majors)
ix) Diploma in Education (Geography/History Majors)
x)Diploma in Education (Physics/Math Majors)
xi) Diploma in Education (Agriculture/ Biology Majors)
xii) Diploma in Education (Business/Math Majors)

Faculty Of Social Science And Humanity

i)Bachelor of Public Administration
ii)Bachelor of Social work &Social Administration
iii)Bachelor of International Relations and Diplomacy
iv)Bachelor of Political Science
v)Bachelor of Mass Communication and Journalism

Faculty Of Economics And Management Sciences

i)Bachelor of Business Administration
ii)Bachelor of Accounting |
iii)Bachelor of Economics
iv)Bachelor of Bank and Finance

Faculty Of Sharea And Law

i)Bachelor of Share, a
ii)Bachelor of Law
iii)Bachelor of International Law

Faculty Of Agriculture, Veterinary And Marin

i) Bachelor of Agriculture
ii) Bachelor of Veterinary
iii)Bachelor of Marine

International Partners

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